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Lost Souls (2019)

LOST SOULS - Trailer
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2h 03min


Producer/Bobby Cloud

Director/John F. Uranday

Lost Souls is based on actual events.


In 2003 a mother made a horrible choice on the church performing an exorcism on her 8 year old boy. Needless to say, it went horribly wrong. We wanted to tell a similar story.

In our story, a mother and father must make a life changing decision on how to take care of their only daughter, Anna. When young Anna begins to have nightmares and hallucinations, her parents call upon their local priest, Father Daniels. Father Daniels witnesses the strange acts of young Anna and he soon also believes, something may be happening to this young girl. Father Daniels calls upon Father Lugo for his expertise on how to handle this situation. Tonight, they will all experience the choice of doing what's right or wrong, on the belief of saving young Anna.

We have completed writing a sequel to this film entitled LOST SOULS: Redemption

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