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Penwheel Productions is a new company, created by best friends and collaborators Bobby Cloud and John F. Uranday. In a short period of time, they have developed several TV show ideas, feature film concepts and documentary projects. Their ideal idea is to create a unique universe in which many of their characters exist in. They see a space for their unique storytelling and subjects, in an industry built on Super Heroes and remakes. They deal with subject matters, most filmmakers and creatives shy away from. Not to glorify the tragedies, but rather create dialogue for voices not heard. These up and coming filmmakers see no boundaries on what they want to create and develop.

In 2019, with completing their first film together “Lost Souls”, they began to submit to the festival circuit and just recently won their first award for, Best Feature Film. Since winning that festival, they’re in negotiations for a theatrical release. In March of 2019, they also just wrapped a new short film “Broken Innocence”. Penwheel Productions is building a brand with submitting their feature film and short film to over a dozen festivals. This creative team is taking leaps and bounds in such a short period of time. As they have said, "If it doesn't give us goosebumps when we talk about it, then it's not for us." It's an exciting time at Penwheel Productions.

In May, they will be heading to Cannes to launch their company and their two new projects.

The Team

The People of Penwheel Productions

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Bobby Cloud

Writer, Producer

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John F. Uranday

Writer, Producer, Director

Jeffrey Stevens

Music Supervisor

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