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Penwheel Universe is a company created by Bobby Cloud and John F. Uranday in 2017. Since the launching of the company, they have completed 3 feature films LOST SOULS, TROLLED, DEPTH OF FIELD, and 2 short films BROKEN INNOCENCE and MY SUNSHINE. 

Over the past four years, Penwheel Universe has grown in size and ambition – what was meant to be a small film company has branched out into more varied projects, many of them on the go simultaneously.


With five or more scripts, two show bibles, and more concepts for films and television than they have had time to put to paper, Penwheel Universe just keeps spinning new ideas. 


This year is a changing point for the company, releasing two completed feature films and beginning to secure funding for a 3rd feature. It is turning into an incredible year for these creatives.

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2 NEW FEATURE FILMS looking for distribution

Four internet trolls find that there is no hiding behind a keyboard. The harshest of lessons is taught, that it is not just sticks and stones, that will break more than your bones, words can break your spirit. When a basement is a classroom and nothing stops the teacher from getting his point across, that's when the terror and learning begin. An experimental and horrifying drama of what it is to be an online troll and their victims.

This is a FRANCHISE film.

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Charles is a man two years into his grief after losing his wife and child in a horrific car accident, he believes he could've stopped. Now living in his garage, because he can't bear to step foot into a house that was once filled with love and is now empty. One day a voice comes from his estranged friend's house, of their foster child Valerie. Unknown to both of them it is the beginning of a friendship, that will speak their creativity and lead them out of their seemingly unending and insurmountable grief. They both learn even after the loss of a loved one, there is still a joy to be found in friendship. Depth of Field is a film that shows us to focus on what is important and lets the rest disappear.



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In development now is a gritty new action drama about a gun in one neighborhood in Los Angeles. We follow the gun as it leaves it's mark on 3 groups of people, from the same neighborhood. Talks have begun in casting.

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About Penwheel Universe

Penwheel Universe is a company based on creating and telling stories that we feel aren't being told. Our ideas come from stories we read, events in our personal lives or even just a meme we see on FB.

LOST SOULS - Trailer

LOST SOULS - Trailer

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